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At Working Bridges we help you ...

  •  Get your desired job

  •  Improve your confidence 

  •  Influence others 

  •  Lead effectively

  •  Understand your best self

  •  Change counterproductive behaviors

  • Solve conflicts at work  

  •  Improve your credibility

  •  Discover how others perceive you


"Our organization and team have had strategic planning sessions for the past few years, however, we have never had a better experience and more productive meeting than this year and I can attribute that success entirely to Annette's coaching. Our team instantly connected with Annette and loved her experience and guidance through the process. We are at a crossroads with our organization as we are growing rapidly and needing to manage that growth. Coaching us through our plans and strategies was entirely second nature for Annette. I have now recommended her to another person who is growing his business, and she has helped him immensely. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to navigate growth and manage all the moving parts --- and keep a healthy working culture in the process; which is exactly why Annette's contributions to RAA have been so invaluable. She's the perfect extension of our team and our mission - because she brings objectivity, great processes to work through difficult situations, and overall truly brilliant guidance.

We're so grateful to her!"

- Mitch Hedlund, Executive Director of Recycle Across America

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