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Coaching is misunderstood by most people in the workplace. The coaching industry started out with a focus on helping corporate executives become better leaders. These days, it’s fair to say we all need a third-party objective person to help us see ourselves more clearly. We need to know who we are, who we are not, and make sure that our own sense of value is our foundation of how we can team up with others, inspire them, even influence them and develop personal credibility with them, so they trust and often follow our lead.  Remember, you don’t have to be a formally titled leader to lead others – you might often lead processes or cross-functional work that takes some of those skills. 

Here’s the thing – what you know about yourself is not always how others perceive you.  And, in situations that you face daily at work, what you see and perceive is not always what is really happening in the moment.  Why?  Because we all have assumptions and limiting beliefs and behaviors that cause us to see things from our own experiences.  A coach can help you sort those out and be more intentional about getting those out of your way, so you can keep growing your credibility, and demonstrate your value, deliver results and have positive impact on the business or your team.

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