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We all have rough patches at work.  We may feel as though our leaders don’t see the value in what we are accomplishing, have an issue with a manager or co-worker, feel like we are being treated unfairly, or we may simply want to carve out a path to get a promotion and make more money.  Annette can help you – first by listening to your experience and perceptions and hopes, then mirroring back to you what you are saying for understanding, which then helps you hear yourself.  This is critical in better understanding what you want. Clients are often surprised, when Annette plays back what they are saying, and they thank her for driving clarity before jumping in to solve problems or define a path forward.  Annette uses several methods, including personality and skills assessments to help you see yourself more clearly, and most importantly, develop more confidence in yourself, and then work on a timeline to make changes that lead to a more satisfying work experience.



Leaders are sometimes unsure of how they are perceived and how they impact people who rely on them for vision, strategy, and guidance.  An individuals’ long – term success is paramount to their own sense of value before they can inspire and influence others.  Annette applies a consistent coaching method, that begins with formal and informal assessments, and then moves the individual into a place of thoughtful reflection, so they can develop a change plan that has measurable outcomes. This helps leaders adapt their behaviors, get beyond their own limiting perceptions and find ways to mobilize people through their influence, while they consciously balance ego, relationships and outcomes.  

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