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Annette grew up with a father as a minister. She spent 18 years learning what it meant to be in service to others. She had, perhaps, had enough of the church scene after attending three services every Sunday with her family, so being a minister wasn’t for her. But she knew that she was hard-wired at an early age to help others.


After attending college at Gustavus Adolphus, in St. Peter, Minnesota, she entered a career in Human Resources, where she was mentored by leaders to engage with employees, help people listen and understand one another, and coach leaders and employees through what often were difficult conflicts. She moved into consulting, led two corporate turnarounds, integrated companies that had been purchased, and helped build operations in Asia, the UK, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.


In all these experiences there has been one common thread:  Annette is a natural-born shepherd.

Evan Jackson, who writes for the defines a shepherd in this way, which speaks to Annette’s commitment to her clients:

"A shepherd is committed to a flock and the one responsible for guiding the
sheep, protecting them, and attending to their needs. So, to serve as a shepherd
means to demonstrate commitment to the well-being of people.”

Annette Villamil

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