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"Keyhubs opens a window to a hidden and unappreciated aspect of  the organization- the informal social network."

-Duke University


Annette is certified with Keyhubs to work with clients and coaches, to leverage the Keyhubs tools, which include a highly unique form of social talent mapping, which is, in fact, the way works gets done, in addition to the Keyhubs Voice app that helps leaders and coaches take a real-time pulse on employee sentiment that can be measured over time and used to both learn and act to increase and sustain employee commitment. 


Founded in 2008, Keyhubs gives business leaders a new and illuminating perspective of their own organization.  Beyond the traditional top-down hierarchy, Keyhubs uncovers the tapestry of workplace relationships that largely dictate how work gets done.  Combining unique survey methodologies with state-of-the-art mapping software, Keyhubs provides insight around internal talent and team dynamics that surprise, enlighten and transform.

Minneapolis, MN


Sability is a leading Human Capital Management consulting firm, specializing in guiding clients through strategy, solution delivery, and implementation.



They are veteran industry experts who can shed light on your HCM processes and guide you through Vendor Selection, Needs Analysis and Business Case Development.


If you are deploying a new HCM system, don't do this alone without help from a team that has delivered an incredible experience through their experts in program, project, software and change management.  This team is skilled at maintaining focus, instilling calm, and growing trusted relationships with their clients, which keep them coming back for more. 


This team loves the heavy lifting! They dig right into your business processes, and help you configure your software to meet your needs.  Their team is staffed with vendor-certified consultants who truly can claim that they know all the in's and out's of your HCM software package.  They roll up their sleeves and put the pieces together to achieve your vision.

1 Glenlake Parkway, Suite 700

Atlanta, GA 30328



Annette has engaged TCCM for various media and e-learning projects in her career, and is an avid supporter of this team, because they lead through their values and their  genuine care for people, as evidenced by their work for non-profits, in addition to commercial clients. What they produce is nothing less than magical.  


They provide clients a reliable, cost-effective and efficient production service from an experienced team of broadcast media professionals.  They work with all budgets from small business owners to large corporations. Their awesome team specializes in all aspects of television and video production including: concept development, script writing, location filming, architectural and commercial photography, aerial photography and video, post production services that include video editing, video compositing, motion graphics, 3D animation, voiceover recording.

In addition, they have a highly - skilled team that specializes in the building and managing of E-Learning Portals.  They create unique solutions for clients, and constantly stay at the forefront of technologies to make ensure clients get the best possible content for your budget.  They listen, they design, and it's a thrill to see their creativity realized in their final products for businesses.

4205 Sumac Point, Suite 100

Saint Paul, MN  55122


Annette is an adjunct executive coach and also participates in leadership development services for CPI Twin Cities.  This is a stellar group of talent management consultants who are driven to help companies and individuals succeed through executive services, leadership development, and career transition services.  In partnership with their clients, they accelerate business results.  

CPI provides customized best -in-class services to meet client's high performance standards.  As a locally owned team of experts in Bloomington, MN, they leverage a breadth and depth of hometown experience.  As a partner with 260 offices in more than 40 countries, they command national and global reach.  Annette is honored to be among the best of the best. 


Accurately measure skills, competencies and development of individuals, teams and organizations with a wide range of assessment tools and expertise. 


Realize organizational effectiveness with a culture of engagement that fosters leadership, increases retention and enhances productivity.  


Promote individual and organizational growth with executive coaching and career and leadership development initiatives that generate continual business growth and success. 


Enhance workforce planning and create successful transitions, both internally and externally, with comprehensive career transition and outplacement services.

3800 American Boulevard, Suite 850

Bloomington, MN  55411

Direct: 952.679.4617

Main: 952.915.7600 

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